What’s up everybody today we’re talking about ten quick and easy WEIGHT LOSS TIPS. Also, keep in mind for each tip, I’m gonna make a new article soon. So keep in touch and stay tuned for the details of this article.



Irrespective of whatever diet you follow, whatever diet you take from your dietitian. It always boils down to calories in versus calories out if you wanna burn off fat keep your
calories out more than your calories in that mean all the food you’re eating should be used up in your daily routine as well as a little bit of exercise if possible just watch your calories in keep it about 200 calories lesser than you actually need and you’ll end up burning fat.

2. Focus On Protein Number

 weight loss tips
So, the second best ‘WEIGHT LOSS TIPS’ focuses on protein numbers. If you’re too lazy to figure out how many calories you’re getting through each meal that’s alright. Instead of focusing on the calories, Just focus on your protein number, how many grams of protein are you getting in per meal. Aim to get about 25 to 30 grams of protein that should be the center of your meal and everything around that should just be kind of like a sidekick
to your booty. Aim to get about a gram of protein per kg of body weight. Inside your system, every single day protein is an extremely filling food and it’s gonna keep you full and it’s gonna prevent you from eating unhealthy food. Try getting this protein in who made me.


weight loss tips
Tip number three if you are trying to follow some kind of diet protocol like keto, intermittent fasting or any kind of weight loss diet, get into a habit of measuring your
weight every single day at the same time under the same conditions may be just
after you get up or maybe just after your evening workout. Same conditions every day and look at how your weight is changing because of the food you had on the previous day.
You see initially a weight will fluctuate a lot. If you just started out with your weight-loss journey and by getting into this habit you’ll figure out okay Was my diet yesterday all right or Was it not so all right. If your weight stays the same or increases that usually means that you’ve not played the diet game right but if it is dropping just a little bit that means you’re on track. Aim to lose about half a kg per week. Every single week, at least initially for the first one or two months of your weight-loss journey.


weight loss tips
If you’re just starting out with your weight loss or fat loss journey, only aim to eliminate one single food at a time. Don’t really take up a drastic diet if you’re not motivated
enough to follow that diet for 30 or 40 days.
Instead, try eliminating one bad food at a time. You can move on to cutting off sugary drinks first then you can move on to cutting off all dessert then you can move on to cutting off restaurant food and junk food for most of the week and finally when you’re up for it, Replace all your simple carbohydrates like white rice, white bread, potatoes with complex carbohydrates like brown rice, whole wheat bread, millets and sweet potatoes.


weight loss tips
Next step of weight loss tips is Don’t let your happiness depend on weighing scale. If you do follow this guideline or if you follow a particular diet to burn off fat initially, you will burn off fat very rapidly you will lose weight. Your weighing scale will continuously show
you the truth. Eventually, if you’re someone who also exercises along with this diet protocol the body will tend to put on a little bit of muscle in response to all that exercise and muscle is heavier than fat.
So even though your weighing scale might not change you will look much better. A lot of
people look at the weighing scales not changing and get extremely demotivated but that’s not something they should feel bad about. Always give more priority to what people are telling you and always give the most priority to how you are looking in the mirror if you feel that you’ve progress compared to your starting point that means you’re on track the weighing scale doesn’t matter much at this mid-weight loss stage point.


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Any effective fat loss diet or weight loss diet is only truly effective if you’re having fun doing that particular diet. If a diet isn’t fun to follow then it’s not a long-term solution. I personally recommend that you take up to three cheat meals in a week at a maximum. But if you can stick to having only one cheat meal in the week that will do wonders for you.
There are two primary reasons you need to take up a cheat meal.
weight loss tips
  • It keeps you motivated to follow the diet in the long term at the end of a series of clean eating days you’re rewarding yourself at the end of that series with kind of a man of the match award in the form of that cheat meal.
  • The second huge reason you need to take up a cheat meal is that of a lot of people who’ve been dieting for a while or who burnt a little bit of fat but it’s still far from their goals. They end of hitting weight loss plateaus now weight loss plateaus in most cases are just the result of you not filling the calories in versus calories out game correct. Either you’re not exercising enough or you’re ingesting too many calories. You’re eating too much food. Try fixing those factors first if nothing else works that means your weight loss plateau is a result of your hormonal system. Now your body perceives a long-term weight loss diet as kind of a starvation situation. It realizes damn, burnt off so much fat and mustn’t be getting enough food so your body reacts by lowering the levels of a hormone called leptin and when you have low leptin levels it prevents your body from burning off its fat stores. How do you solve this problem? You take up a cheat meal where you load up on carbohydrates, you almost try to put on weight just a little bit so that you can reboot your body and restart the fat loading process.
Alright so let’s move on to tip number. Stay tuned for the “WEIGHT LOSS TIPS


weight loss tips
Super simple, Obviously you’ve got to focus on your protein but you’ve also got to focus on your fiber intake. Give priority to vegetables, not fruits. Veggies are much more nutritionally dense than fruits that means for a lot lesser calories you’re getting a lot
more vitamins mineral and nutrition overall. Obviously, when you’re gonna have so much protein which is your best friend in a weight loss journey, you’ve got to back up all that protein with a high amount of fiber for your bowel movements.


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A mistake that a lot of people make in the fat loss journey is that they take fat burners. They overdo it with caffeine or they overdo it with green tea. The best out of these three options is green tea but scientifically, for green tea to actually make you lose weight
you need to have 12 to 15 cups of green tea every single day. 12 to 15 cups is a
huge amount of caffeine and caffeine does help you to burn off a little bit of fat but what’s more effective and burning of fat is watching your overall macro intake your calories in versus your calories out. Caffeine is just a kind of supplement for your whole fat loss journey.
But there’s a downside to overdoing it with caffeine. Firstly caffeine is an addictive substance and how addictive you ask this is a dependence versus damage scale below. It’s kind of a rating scale for all the psychoactive drugs in the world. We’ve got cocaine, we’ve got heroin, LSD, marijuana but when you take a closer look at the scale we’ve also got caffeine and very interestingly it’s as addictive as weed or marijuana or ganja. But it does more damage to your body so technically speaking that much caffeine is actually kind of a drug that harms your body.
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The second major effect of caffeine is that it does affect your sleep cycle if you overdo it with caffeine. This is a huge issue for you if you’re trying to burn off fat and it’s an even bigger issue for you if you’re someone who exercises. Remember exercise is basically wear and tear for your body when you sleep your body recovers. Now if you consume a lot of caffeine you’re not getting enough sleep and in the process, your body is not recovering effectively and in that process, your weight loss journey gets a little bit effected
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Interestingly enough there’s been a study that showed us that people who sleep more than seven hours in a single night. In the long-term burn off fifty-five percent more fat than someone who sleeps less than seven hours a night. Your proper sleep is a very crucial element of your whole weight loss process. If you’re someone who wants to
burn off more fat than muscle, give priority to the sleep, not to the caffeine. And keep reading the weight loss tips for the last two tips.


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Point number nine of ‘WEIGHT LOSS TIPS’ is extremely simple. In your fat loss journey water is the key. You will be having that much protein you need to back up all that protein with your body being hydrated. Excess protein can only harm your body if you’re not hydrated most of the time.
How much water?
About three to four liters but you know what that’s not the same for everyone. Always go according to the color of your urine keep it clear every time you go to the toilet. Your urine should be clear and you’re in the safe zone. Also, keep in mind by water I don’t mean the sugary drinks, I just mean plain and simple water with no added sugar.


weight loss tips
If you’re very motivated about losing weight and you wanna burn off fat fast, Consider taking up alternative diet approaches. You can try the ketogenic diet which is a Low carb protocol. If you’re not up for a low-carb protocol you can try the Intermittent Fasting style diet. They will work for you in your fat loss journey but you’ve got to follow all the instructions in the above article “WEIGHT LOSS TIPS

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