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Andres Iniesta


Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta is a Spanish footballer. Andres is a professional footballer who plays in the center for the Barcelona team. Let’s have a look at his career and the comments of other footballers on Andres Iniesta Wiki and the other information like Andres Iniesta jersey number and all that.


He is a very good friend of Lionel Messi. Andres declared that he is leaving Barcelona at the end of the season. Lionel Messi even posted on Instagram for him. He is thanking him for his all the special years of football. He said Barcelona without Iniesta is going to take some getting used to and Messi is certainly going to miss him next season.

He plays in the center with Lionel Messi and Xavi. Both the player loves his style of playing and way he represented his career of football.


When Iniesta is in the team Barca. The team always played well and have a good record. It means he plays a very important role in the Barca team.

He played 669 games for Barca in which Barca wins 456 games which are more than 70% wins. And defeated in only 85 games and 128 draws are there. This record shows the importance of Andres Iniesta in the team Barca.

Andress Wiki

  • Captain of Barcelona team.
  • He made his first-team debut aged 18 in 2002.
  • DATE OF BIRTH – 11 MAY 1984
  • HEIGHT – 1.71m
  • SALARY – 50 lakh euro
  • JERSEY NO. – 8

So this is all about Andres. He motivated everyone with his game. He declared that this is the last season of his career. He will not play for Barcelona after this. This is the saddest turn for all the Barcelona and Andres Iniesta fans.

Andres Iniesta

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