If you are trying to grow your muscles but you are facing problems while growing the muscles and your results are not good as according to time. So, everyone should know how to gain muscles? And you also have a question in your mind that is how to build muscle faster. You should try all these ways to build your muscle faster. I am sure you can get your results faster if you follow these ways.


Compound exercises are those exercises which work on two or more muscles. The best example of the compound exercise is Deadlift, Squats, Pull-ups, Rows and many others. So, now the question is why we should do compound exercises. Because compound exercise releases more hormones than other simple exercises, they release hormones like testosterone which promote muscle growth. So the main reason for doing compound exercise is they release more hormones.

compound exercises

2. Take Proper Sleep

This is the major fact which is neglected by everyone. They always do a hardcore workout at the gym and follow the good diet but their results are not as they expected just because they don’t give time to sleep. Proper sleep is very important for our body. Because recovery of muscle is very important for the muscle growth and there is not a better way than sleeping to recover the muscle. So make sure you go to bed early and take 8 to 9 hours of sleep daily.

take proper sleep for muscle growth


This fact is very important, it doesn’t mean that you have to take a protein supplement after your workout. It means you should take protein within  30 minutes after your workout. You can take any protein meal like egg whites, chicken breast or any other. But no doubt protein shake is a good alternative after your workout. I am not promoting supplements but this is a good alternative which recovers your muscles faster. So the main point is after your workout you need protein in your body to recover the maximum muscles. You can either take a protein supplement or protein meals. But protein meal takes more time to digest, so protein shake is a good alternative.


Mostly all of the people are neglecting legs. They skip their leg day just because they don’t want soreness on the next day or their goal is to get big arms and chest. This is the biggest mistake. You shouldn’t skip leg day. First of all the muscle imbalance looks weird. Imagine you have big arms and chest but you have chicken legs. And the other reason is leg day helps to increase the muscle growth. Because mostly all of the leg exercises are compound exercises such as deadlift, squats, lunges which work on two or more muscles which release more hormones like testosterone and increase muscle growth. So make sure you don’t make this mistake again. This is the key to increase muscle faster.

never skip leg day

5. Work On Every Muscle Twice A Week

Most of the muscle building plans have only one session of muscle every week which is a weak point. You guys are thinking why we should do work on every muscle twice. The reason is that your muscle recovered in 36 to 48 hours after your workout. So your muscle is in rest mode half of the time. For example, if you do chest on Monday it will be recovered maximum on Wednesday, so from Wednesday to Sunday chest muscle is on rest mode. So we should hit every muscle twice in a week to increase our results and boost the muscle growth. And it’s not overtraining if you keep your diet clean.

Each Muscle Group Twice A Week

So if you don’t know how to gain muscles or how to build muscle faster, I think this article helped you to know the scientific facts of how to gain muscles and build muscle mass.


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