You guys know what you are very lucky that you have internet and all other facilities to check anything on any topic on the internet. Many of us know these gym mistakes by beginners are performed regularly. So if you started training or you want to start training this blog is for you. And if you are training and you are not happy with your results. There should be some reasons. You should check them. I think they should check everything on the internet, Gym for beginners is a difficult task so they should work smartly.


1. Training Too Much Is Not Good


If you used to spend 2 to 3 hours daily in the gym. And you do workout 6 days in a week and you think you will get results faster because you are doing extra training in the gym then you are totally wrong. Because training too much can never give you results. Your muscle also needs rest. This is a common gym mistakes by beginners.
You only need to workout from 60 to 90 minutes only. Some of you take 1 hour to complete workout of one body part so if you are doing biceps and triceps you will take 2 hours to complete your workout and after that, you will train your abs also which is totally wrong. So make sure you should not overtrain.

2. Transformation Takes Time


Some of you will get frustrated because you are not happy with your results. Always keep this in your mind that results always takes time. If you see other peoples at the gym and they are not working hard that much and have cheat meals all the day and still have good results then they might be on steroids.
Because they have injected themselves and forced their muscles to grow which is very bad. So don’t compare yourself to others. And never take steroids by getting frustrated. Gym for Beginners is bad with these steroid environments. Try to maintain a good diet and a proper workout plan. You will surely get your results.

3. Without Diet Training Is Nothing


 I see so many people at the gym who works for years and years and still looks the same like they have started their gym yesterday. Some of them fail to gain muscle, some of them fail to get leaner and some of them fail to lose weight.
The only reason is not getting proper diet or miscalculated. Make sure you always take the calculated diet. Always calculate your macros like protein fat and carbohydrates for your daily requirement. If you are not calculating your diet you will end up with a miscalculated diet which will not able to achieve your goals.

4. It’s Not Required To Eat After Every 3 Hours For Results


The biggest myth in the fitness industry is that you have to eat after every three to four hours. I don’t know how people can say these type of statements. Guys this statement is totally wrong you don’t have to eat every three hours to get lean. All that matter if you are consuming total amount of calories required for your goal or not.
And another thing that matter is the ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and protein per day. So if you are satisfied by taking 3 big meals a day then it’s okay. You can take 3,4 or 5 meals according to your wish. Just keep one thing in mind. You are consuming the proper amount of calories and the proper ratio of carbs, fats, and protein per day.

5. Bro-Splits Are Not Always Best


This is the one of the most important information I wish I knew earlier. Bro-Splits and push-pull legs are things that I just never heard of until I started my blogging website. So I started a deep research on this topic so I find that bro-splits are not the best way.
We just all have this rumor from the gym seniors that you should do chest and triceps on Monday and back biceps on Tuesday. But the truth is that our muscles are recovered in 2 days only so we can train every muscle group twice. If you want better results you can train every muscle twice in a week for better results. So don’t waste your time on bro-splits and accept that push-pull legs are better than the bro-splits.

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