Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

The shoulder is a big muscle and a very important muscle so you should work smartly on your shoulder. And If you wanna know the best 10 Shoulder exercises. This blog is perfect for you and you can try these exercises on your next Shoulder workout. Don’t try 10 of the exercises in a single day. You can choose your shoulder exercises from these best shoulder exercises.

Top 10 Shoulder Exercise

1. Standing Military press

Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

It is one of the best shoulder exercises. This exercise trains all three deltoid muscles and it is better for the core. This exercise can also be performed sitting. But the standing position is better than seated. You can do it in the seated position if you have any lower back problem. You can also use dumbbells.

2. Shoulder Press Behind Neck

Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

This exercise trains anterior front portion of the deltoid muscles and the lower and middle portion of the trapezius. This exercise can also be done with both positions. It’s better to do it in standing position. This exercise is very risky it can cause serious injury if not performed properly. Make sure to keep your back straight when lowering and lifting the barbell.

3.Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

It is most common shoulder exercise. The main muscles that are trained by this exercise are deltoid and anterior. You can do this exercise in the seated position. As it helps you to take support for your back.

4. Arnold Press

Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

This exercise looks similar to shoulder dumbbell press. When it comes to the best deltoid exercise with the best range of motion for your shoulder muscles, Arnold Press is the best exercise. It works on front and side heads of the delts. This exercise gives you wide range of motion which helps you in the recruitment of more muscle fibers and a stronger contraction.

5. Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

The Dumbbell side lateral raise is an isolation exercise that strengthens the entire shoulder with an emphasis on the sides of the deltoid muscles. It helps you to train the muscle between the bicep and shoulder. And also the deltoids.

6. Cable Side Raise

Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

This exercise is similar to dumbbell lateral side raise. As the same muscles are trained by both of the exercises. But the side raise with cable works more on the area between shoulder and bicep. Its an alternative exercise of dumbbell side lateral raise. It is also the one from the best shoulder exercises.

7. Dumbbell Shrugs

Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

You can do shrugs with shoulder workout as well as back workout. This exercise targets the Trapezius muscles of the back or Traps. It will give you better results if you stop for a second on higher position as it will give tension to the muscles.

8.Barbell Shrugs(Front and Back)

Top 10 Shoulder ExercisesTop 10 Shoulder Exercises

Barbell shrugs are similar to dumbbell shrugs, it also trains the traps. And you can do barbell shrugs on the smith machine. You can do barbell shrugs in two positions as there is not much difference but they hit the muscle from the different angle.

9.Barbell Front Raise

Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

There are many alternatives to this exercise like you can do this exercise with dumbbells or lying on an incline bench. It trains the anterior deltoid and helps to build the front of the shoulder.

10.Upright Row

Top 10 Shoulder Exercises

You can do this exercise with barbell, dumbbell, smith machine or cable. It works on your side deltoids and traps. If you are doing it on smith machine then set the bar on the smith machine to a height that is around the middle of your thighs.

Now, in the next post, I will post the top 10 chest exercises.








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