How To Increase Biceps Size

How To Increase Biceps Size

Majority of the people facing problems like biceps size is not increasing, or the chest is not growing. This post is for the one whose biceps size is not increasing. Most of the people want bigger biceps they give preference to the biceps more than other muscles. First of all, you should give equal preference to every muscle. And the people who are not able to increase bicep size there is a reason for a plateau. So the question is how to increase biceps size So you should try the best arms workouts and these ways to increase your biceps size.


The top 5 ways to increase biceps size are mentioned below.


The major key to increase bicep size is to eat more. One of the reasons why biceps won’t grow if you are not eating enough. So try to eat a lot of protein and carbs. So if you start eating more than usual your caloric intake will increase and the extra calories in your body will force your muscle to grow. As diet is more important than workout so you should work on your diet first.



Increasing strength will automatically help you to build more muscle mass. Strength can be increased by the exercises like bench press, deadlifts, squats. Every week try to make a new PR. SO your strength will increase which will help you to build overall muscle mass and it will also help to improve the performance of your other parts workout. So try to increase your strength, your bicep size will increase automatically.


3. TRY 21’s

This is the advance workout of the biceps and one of the best arms workouts. This advanced workout will help your muscle to grow. Many of you know about 21’s but some people don’t know about this. This is a special and the advance exercise of the biceps. In this exercise, you have to do 21 reps divided into 3 different steps which mean 7 reps of 3 forms each. Take a barbell and start doing curls for the first seven reps move the barbell from the lower portion to the middle portion only. And then for the next seven reps move the barbell from the middle portion to the upper portion. And the for the last seven reps move barbell in the full range of motion that is from lower to the upper portion.



Never ignore compound exercises. Majority of the people ignores compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press, rowing and many other. These are the exercises which work on two or more muscle groups. Compound exercises release more hormones like testosterone which are responsible for the muscle growth. These exercises automatically responsible for all the muscle mass. You can increase biceps size by doing compound exercises. So never ignore compound exercises. And You should add some best arms workouts to your routine also.



Always work smart because if you think by hitting biceps for 2 hours at the gym will help you to increase the biceps size that will not work. For example, if you are doing biceps and triceps and you are spending one hour on each muscle, trust me that will not gonna work. These are the small muscles you don’t need to do that much even you don’t need to do that much on the bigger muscles. So do not overtrain, work smart and do 3 to 4 exercise for biceps for the better results.

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